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 Flaxen linen creates one-off garments handmade in Christchurch, New Zealand. All clothing is made from ethically sourced new linen or other natural fibres and upcycled vintage functional linen like tablecloths and doilies. Each garment is intended to be easy-to-wear, one-of-a-kind and long-lasting.  

made by me.

Hi I'm Liz and this is my little business which began in 2018. I select natural fabrics, forage in second-hand shops, then handmake all garments at my home. I am an English teacher and self-taught sewer/sewist who has always been interested in fabric & textiles. I love the great outdoors  and wearing natural fibres is a preference although I still wear polyprops!  I prefer over-size Japanese style garments, often buy second-hand clothing and support ethical NZ businesses like Kowtow. This website was created by me during the Covid-19 lockdown so I had to be the model(which isn't ideal!)


the glorybox collection.

These are one-off garments made from 'once-loved', functional vintage linen - like tablecloths, doilies and dresser cloths - which are repurposed into  one-of-a-kind items. The skill of the original owner gets a chance to be showcased  and loved again. I sew french seams and use linen bias on the neck and armholes. When I can, I use the lace and scalloped edges for cuffs or necklines. The garments are made to last, just like the vintage linen, so the adapted Japanese patterns are simple and timeless. Each piece is made with care. 


slow fashion.made in nz

When I was a kid my mum sewed  our clothes or purchased them from Mothercare in England. We didn't have or needed a lot but somewhere between then and now, 'fast fashion' became a thing that I bought into. How can you not when its cheap and trendy? I can't remember exactly when I became aware of the negative social and environmental impacts of the clothing industry on our world. I am fortunate enough to be able to make more ethical and eco-friendly choices when I purchase. This, in turn, has been the ethos behind Flaxen Linen.  I use linen and some cotton/silk combinations which I source  through The Fabric Store here in Christchurch. Read about their ethics on their website. The vintage linen is from second hand shops or gifted to me from friends and customers. I keep all off-cuts and use the bigger pieces for patching pieces in tops and scarves or for cushions. aprons or bags; the pretty little scraps are used for my clothing labels; the rest is used for stuffing in ottomans or cushions. 


linny basics collection.

Linny Basics are simple and easy-to-wear designs. Each garment is made from 100% linen or a combination of linen and cotton/silk. Linen is a great fibre to work with and wear as it is durable  but it also gets softer with each wash. It can be worn at all times of the year including winter when you can layer it up with merino and wool.