Flaxen linen - in my own words

Hi, I'm Liz and welcome to my world of Flaxen linen. Thanks for taking the time to view my website. As you probably know, New Zealand went into Covid-19 lockdown in March this year. During these six weeks, I stayed at home, slowed down, spent time with my big and little boys, while teaching my tertiary students online. And as if I wasn't busy enough, I had to add something else to the mix. Making a website for my little business! It felt like a really big deal at the time but I have to admit it has taken me a bit of time to build up the courage to write my first blog.

I have been sewing linen clothing for a few years now, mainly selling at markets and stocking a few local shops and collectives. I do it as my 'side-gig' and it is a nice contrast to teaching academic writing which is my main job. I work alone in my home studio(what is like a big playroom/huge bedroom) when I can fit in some sewing between work, school drop offs and sports practices. I started Flaxen linen because in this time of fast fashion, I want to help turn the tide... natural fibres are so much better for us and our world. We also don't need lots of clothing - I am not suggesting doing a Marie Kondo and clear your closet(that is not good for the environment either) - but careful considered buying of quality clothing or decent second hand clothing works. There are too many ethical issues in the clothing industry that we can't just ignore - whether it be people, animals or the environment. It is also so easy to be tempted by trends and advertising so let's flip that around - we don't need to fit trends at all - we make our own by focus on what we want to wear. I think that the older I get, the more I am aware of what I want to wear and what I I feel comfortable in.

I am hoping to load some more stock onto the website in the next week as I build up my current stock so I would love to get feedback from you about what you like to wear. My instagram feed probably gives you the most information about what I make, with only a little selection up here on the website.

Thanks for tuning in. Liz xx

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